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Hello allz!!

I'm 15. I love love love LJ. And I want to get some new friends which is why I'm here!!

Name: Marlyn!
Country: US- NY
Med probs: Hypothyroidism, Hypopititary(ism).
Religion: Islam. But I'm tolerant.<3
Activities: Reading, writing(I have an original ss),
Singing, dancing, acting, talking to best friend Suzy,
Drawing, teasing :p, pets (I wanna be a vet), and getting fabulous for school.
Languages: Fluent: Eng & Span- Basic: Korean-Couple of words: Jap,
Thai, Chi, Ital, Fren, and Arabic
Contacting Method Prefered: Email/Social Sites but if you prefer snail mail go ahead!
Ways to contact me:
Aim: MusicalDancer31
FaceBook: Marlyn Suarez
Twitter: BalletSwan1
Soshified: Imwithtiffany/SummerBreeze
Fav Music: Korean Groups: SNSD, Kara, Suki, After School,
Mblaq, wonder girls, G.NA, Orangle Caramel,
Girl's Day, Sistar, and about everything else.

American: Pop- Everything. Classical. Idk idk. I love all music!!!

Books: All cute, fantasy, and soccer related mangas. Cat on a tin roof. Forgive my fins. Ghost huntress.
Red scarf (sth like that). Language learning books. Cook books. Yoga books. Idk I love all books!!
Talents: I think I have none but here are the things I'v egotton compliments on:
Singing, Writing short stories, Fashion, drawing, and languages.

Well that's me for ya! Contact me if you sound intrested!! <33
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