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girl_friends's Journal

*Girls of LiveJournal*
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This community is for the women and girls of LiveJournal to come and meet new friends!! It is basically an "Add Me" community for girls, but other conversations are welcome in here too. This community is mostly for women, but men are always welcome too.

There isn't much to know about being a member of this community...but there are a couple of things I would like to clarify!!

Everyone is welcome to express themselves in this community, but I do ask that you refrain from making any comments that could be considered hurtful or offensive to other members. Those entries that I receive complaints about because they are offensive will be deleted.

There is no requirement for membership in this community and no one will be banned, unless I receive several complaints about the individual/posts of the individual that I myself deem to be inappropriate or offensive.

This is an "Add Me" community, so feel free to add others in the community to your own friends lists...however this community is not responsible for any of the actions of any of its members

I hope that all wasn't too harsh!! Have fun in this community, and I look forward to getting to know some of you!!

This community is maintained by angelic_shimmer

If you want to promote this community at all, you can use this image or just an LJ link!! :)


Special thanks to beckerz03 for the LJ code so that I could make this community!! :)